Your monthly family album

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How it works

Create your family album

Invite your whole family to share their pictures and stories

Bring your stories to paper

We print and deliver your stories every month

Share with those you love

A meaningful gift that brings the family together

A simple app at your fingertips

Post a picture in seconds


See what others are up to

Access from any device


A beautiful album in their hands

Large pictures & text for readability


Quality print & paper for durability


Delivered within 5-10 days


Our Plans






No commitment - cancel anytime

Unlimited family members

Up to 36 posts per album

Money back guarantee





Save $20 vs monthly price

Unlimited family members

Up to 36 posts per album

Money back guarantee



“Putting the newspaper together was super easy. We just shared our pictures with a caption, and my grandparents received their newspaper a few days later!”

Marc, happy user

We care about you...


... and your privacy

We keep your content safe. We do not share your data with anyone else, and we keep your content protected from unwanted eyes.

... and the planet

We want your stories to last, and the forest as well. We print locally on sustainable paper, and plant a tree for every one that is cut to print your albums.

... and social isolation

One in Five seniors has no family to send them albums. We need your help! 

We gift one free subscription to an isolated senior for every five subscriptions purchased.


Adopt a grandparent today!

Coming soon!


Available in early December!

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