Our story

Hi! I’m Baptiste. 

And these are my grandparents. 
I miss them. And they miss their family, too.

That's why I created TribeUne - to bring families together.

We wish days were longer and distances shorter. 

We wish there was less pandemic, and more in-person visits. 

And I don't blame them for finding it hard to learn about smartphones and Zoom calls in their eighties.


I want them to know we think of them. I want them to see my nephew’s first steps, my brother’s bike rides, my progress in the kitchen, and the things that bring us joy. I don't want them to miss out on the family story.


They like to keep memories; their shelves are full of family albums. With TribeUne, the family story continues, month after month, and they are part of it.

Our values

TribeUne brings families together by bringing their stories to paper and the paper to their loved ones. And we do it with care.


We care about the privacy of family stories, and keep them safe.

We care about the environment; we use sustainable paper and print locally.

And we care about social isolation: we bring families closer and joy to isolated seniors.

Welcome to the TribeUne family!

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