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7 gift ideas for Mother's Day

Updated: May 12, 2021

With less than a month left until Mother's Day, you may be wondering what to gift your mother (or grandmother) on May 9th... Finding the right gift becomes harder when your loved one is ageing. You may think they already have everything, or the restrictions in place limit your options... But there are plenty of simple, inexpensive presents to pick from that will spark joy! What are the best gifts to celebrate your mother on Mother's Day?

1. A nice meal

Whether you'll enjoy it at the restaurant with her, cook and bring it to her, or get it delivered to her door, she will surely appreciate enjoying someone else's food - haven't you enjoyed hers all this time? You could even spice it up and let her discover something new!

2. Her favorite flowers

Roses? Lilies? Birds of paradise? By now, you should know what your mom's favorite flowers are. It's OK if you don't - just get her flowers anyways! She will surely appreciate them, especially if you add a nice card to celebrate her with words of affirmation.

3. A TribeUne photo album

Family is at the heart of motherhood, and in the heart of every mother. But in our hyperconnected world, it is sometimes harder than it should to really connect with loved ones. Everything goes so fast... We take so many pictures, and yet they are so hard to browse through...

TribeUne can help you reconnect! An analog gift in a digital world, sending mom your monthly news feed, printed and delivered to her, will keep her in the loop and bring you closer. It's more than personalized - it's personal.

Family reading a TribeUne album
News from her family make a mother happy!

Fill it with your latest family news, or create your first album with nostalgic pictures of your happiest moments... You can even invite your siblings and other family members to add to the story!

4. A walk or excursion somewhere she will enjoy

The wonders of nature in the Spring, with its sights, sounds and smells, are one of these simple pleasures that never fail to bring joy. There was a time when your mother would take you on a walk to let you appreciate them - now, it's your turn to do the same! A great opportunity to catch up that will bring you closer (and yet allows for a safe distance).

5. Accessories

There is no such thing as too many accessories. Gifting her earrings, a bracelet, or a pendant is not only a way to celebrate her, but also to let her celebrate herself and complement her looks. It doesn't have to be expensive - what matters is your taste and attention!

6. A gift certificate

Some say vouchers and cards are not real gifts. But what if they are thoughtful and allow your mom to treat herself in a store or salon she enjoys? Especially this year, with the distance and limited options, it may make sense to let her choose her own gift!

7. Spending time with her

The most precious things are the ones money cannot buy. And for your mother, your love and attention are chief among them. So, instead of spending time thinking what you could give her, you may want to think how you want to spend that time with her. Will you take her somewhere special? Tell her something you never have? Or just share a nice moment over the phone (with video if she is tech-savvy)?

Bonus: 'I love you, Mom!'

Every family is unique, and so is every mother. But when is the last time you told her you loved her? Whether it was yesterday or so long ago you can't remember, don't forget to let her know on May 9th!

It will be even more meaningful if you put some thought into it: What about her are you most grateful for? What are your best memories together? What do you admire in her?

This year, even more than usual, mothers deserve some extra love!

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