The monthly family album

Bringing together families, residents and staff in your residences

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A photo album that sparks joy for seniors

TribeUne allows families to easily send messages to their ageing loved ones.  The messages are automatically assembled into a photo album.

News from their family spark joy for seniors and are impactful at a time when in-person visits are less frequent than ever. They will also spark conversations between residents and with staff.

TribeUne can print out and send the photo albums for you, or let you print and hand them out like mail.

A communications channel with families

Families use TribeUne regularly to communicate with their loved one, opening up a new channel for the staff to reach them.

Share updates on events, activity programs at the residence, etc. through a dedicated portal and reinforce your links with families, who get to experience more of their loved ones' everyday life.

Easily create your internal newsletter

Let your staff create a newsletter for residents or visitors with the same ease as the families using TribeUne. Posts are created in a few clicks, and the whole newsletter is ready in minutes, not hours.

Share a digital version with families and residents, and print it as you want, at the frequency of your choice.

Reducing social isolation  in seniors

One in five seniors have no family or no contact with them. Our social program aims to fight social isolation for those who suffer the most from it.

We aim to bring local community organizations together - volunteer groups, associations, schools... to create a newsletter for isolated seniors in your residences.


Innovating for your residents' wellness

Happier residents with regular news from their relatives

More interactions between staff and residents' families

Simple and quick for your teams​

Impactful for isolated seniors, involving the local community 

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happy grandma

“I received the album two days ago, and since then, I already read it six times...

Thank you!!”


happy user

“It's really nice to see what everyone is up to in the app! Especially these days when we don't meet as often”


happy grandma

“It warms my heart to receive pictures of the whole family and my grandsons...”


happy user

“It's really easy to use the app, and  grandma was super happy!

We Care About You...

... and social isolation

We bring families closer and joy to the grandparents.

... and your privacy

We keep your content safe and your data private, and we protect them from unwanted eyes.

... and the planet

We want your stories to last, and the forest as well. We print locally on sustainable paper.