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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When will my album arrive?
    Your album is printed the first day of the month, and will arrive between the 5th and the 10th.
  • Can I send my album to additional recipients?
    Yes! Once you have created your family space, you can add additional recipients from the app in the 'My Family' menu. Only the family admin can add / edit recipients.
  • What happens if I upload more than the maximum number of posts?
    Additional posts will be pushed to the next month. You can always edit or delete your posts.
  • How do I change the recipient's address?
    You can change the recipient's address from the My Family menu.
  • How do I join a family?
    Simply follow the link to your family space shared by a family member, or enter your family code on the login screen. If your family has a subscription for a loved one but you haven't received a link to your family space, ask your family members for it.
  • How can I invite family members?
    Share your family code with family members to invite them. They will receive a link to create an account and join your family. You can invite as many family members as you want!
  • Can I remove members from my family space?
    Contact us to remove members from your family space.
  • How do I manage or cancel my subscription?
    You can manage your subscription from the app, in the 'My Family' menu.
  • How does the money back guarantee work?
    If you are not happy with TribeUne, cancel within the second month (before your second newspaper is printed) and we will refund your subscription.
  • How can I create an account?
    Once you subscribe or receive a link to join a family space, you will be prompted to create your account. You can do so from any device, and all you need is an email address. You can add your name, birthday, and a profile picture so your loved one can see them in the newspaper they will receive. If your family has a subscription for a loved one but you haven't received a link to your family space, ask your family members for it. They can share it however they want.
  • Is my content safe?
    tl;dr: Yes. We store your content and data securely, and apply high cybersecurity standards. You remain the sole owner of your content and data. We use them only as necessary to create, print, and deliver your newsletter. We do not sell or share your information and data with anyone else. We will delete your content and data upon request from the family admin or 60 days after termination of your family subscription (in case you change your mind). Read our Terms & Conditions to know more.
  • I have shared my family code by mistake, what can I do?"
    Contact us, and we will reset your family code.

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